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* Washington Irving Ghost *
Washington Irving is the author of such amazing books as "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and "Rip Van Winkle". Impressed by the books and the movie a 14 year old girl by the name of Rachel Lambert begged her parents to visit the village of Sleepy Hollow in Rotterdam, N.Y where Washington Irving Lived and died. They ended up at Washington's said to be house in Sunnyside Tarrytown. She started taking pictures and what she caught on tape is amazing. A picture that looks a lot like Washington Irving in the upstairs window. Irving? real?, fake?, still a very interesting and creepy photo capture.

Top 5 Real Ghost Videos  Of 2016 Top 5 Real Ghost Videos Of 2016
Date Added : Apr 28 |
Compilation video of the Top 5 Real Ghost Videos caught on tape in 2016.
Video Category : Ghost Documentaries | 38782 Views

Ghost Caught On Building CCTV Camera Ghost Caught On Building CCTV Camera
Date Added : Jan 14 |
A CCTV security camera in a apartment building captures a ghost like figure walking around at around 3:00am at night.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 30795 Views

Top 10 Unexplainable Ghost Photos Top 10 Unexplainable Ghost Photos
Date Added : Jan 13 |
Planet Dolan examines and explains some of the most terrifying ghost photos ever found on the internet.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 15993 Views

He Was Attacked By A Poltergeist He Was Attacked By A Poltergeist
Date Added : Nov 12 |
Video provided by Dark Arts Paranormal team. They are Filming at a known haunted house in Liverpool, England.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 14620 Views

Top 10 Ghost Sightings Compilation Top 10 Ghost Sightings Compilation
Date Added : Oct 6 |
A ghost sightings compilation created by YouTube channel VideozOnly, shows off some stunning ghost footage.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 24338 Views

Nallamala Forest Ghost Nallamala Forest Ghost
Date Added : Oct 5 |
Hmmm, that was freaky. A ghost girl dressed in all white from the Nallamala Forest located in India has been spotted by villagers multiple times. Footage has been leaked for years. Here is more possible evidence if this video is in fact real.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 29418 Views

Spanish Poltergeist Documentery Spanish Poltergeist Documentery
Date Added : Oct 5 |
A pretty good documentary showcasing some very creepy Poltergeists. It's in Spanish though, but you can still watch some very shocking footage even if you don't speak the language.
Video Category : Ghost Documentaries | 17146 Views

Ghost Jumps In A Well? Ghost Jumps In A Well?
Date Added : Mar 17 |
While a nature webcam is filming live in South Carolina, a viewer spots something odd. Asks the owner to review the recorded footage.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 71151 Views

Car Accident Ghost Car Accident Ghost
Date Added : Feb 10 |
Bad accident aftermath caught on video. 2 people ended up injured while one dies in this accident. When watching the video closely at the end you will see a ghost appear and walk away from the car.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 53887 Views

Wingate Hotel Poltergeist Wingate Hotel Poltergeist
Date Added : Feb 3 |
Creepy ghost footage that occurred on September 13th 2013 at the Wingate Hotel in Illinois. Security cam heard screaming in a room.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 42755 Views

Shadow Ghost In Bedroom Shadow Ghost In Bedroom
Date Added : Sep 21 |
A camera runs while a guy is doing his homework. When the video is played back with enhanced lighting and tone you can see the ghost easily.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 66780 Views

Scary Basement Ghost Scary Basement Ghost
Date Added : Sep 13 |
Guy captures a ghost on a hidden cam. He says his basement in haunted and he has always heard odd noises coming from there.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 70126 Views

Real Ghost Pictures Confirmed Real Ghost Pictures Confirmed
Date Added : Aug 23 |
The most amazing ghost pictures ever caught on camera. All in one awesome video.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 68054 Views

Ghost Picks Up Pan From Sink? Ghost Picks Up Pan From Sink?
Date Added : Aug 15 |
Guy walks around filming, with his new video camera. When he turns to the kitchen sink he captures a cooking pan levitating.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 43195 Views

Subway Restaurant Shadow Ghost Subway Restaurant Shadow Ghost
Date Added : Aug 11 |
Security cam at a Subway Restaurant captures a shadow figure. It moves around inside for a while, then flies out the window.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 43768 Views

London Highway Ghost London Highway Ghost
Date Added : Aug 9 |
Something very creepy appears to be flying around in the background while the news reporter gives her report.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 53977 Views

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