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Ghost At Disneyland Ghost At Disneyland
Date Added : Nov 10 |
Security cam captures what looks to be a ghost walking around Disneyland park. Towards the end the figure walks into lake. Creepy stuff!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 160227 Views

Wendy's Poltergeist Wendy's Poltergeist
Date Added : Oct 22 |
During her wedding in 1932 this evil demon lady showed up in her & her husbands photo. Stay away from the Ouija. Happy Halloween!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 94214 Views

Ghost Jumps Off? Ghost Jumps Off?
Date Added : Oct 4 |
Strange video of what looks like a ghost or some kind of human figure jumping off a skyscraper!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 139872 Views

England Cemetery Ghost England Cemetery Ghost
Date Added : Sep 11 |
College Students are on vacation. They visit an old cemetery in England. Little did they know, that they would capture a real ghost on film.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 122934 Views

Headless Ghost Headless Ghost
Date Added : Aug 8 |
Creepy video of a headless ghost from India. You can see the ghost appear at 00:11 seconds in.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 114982 Views

Lady Ghost Lady Ghost
Date Added : Jul 25 |
Kid captures what looks to be an old lady ghost crossing the front door. Maybe his grandmother? Spooky video!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 144338 Views

Ghost Of Michael Jackson Ghost Of Michael Jackson
Date Added : Jul 5 |
During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson. The camera spots a ghost moving in the background inside Michael Jackson's neverland house! Amazing footage.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 155146 Views

Ghost & A Crying Man Ghost & A Crying Man
Date Added : Jun 30 |
Ghost looks over a friend that is in emotional pain. The man is crying over his friends unfortunate death.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 129430 Views

Queen Mary Ghosts Queen Mary Ghosts
Date Added : May 19 |
Ghost hunters set up cameras in the old dining area of the ship and capture lots of strange shadow images moving around.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 94656 Views

Barmby Place Ghost Barmby Place Ghost
Date Added : Mar 18 |
One of the most authentic ghost videos I have ever seen! This house was built on an old cemetery, with a sad history of accidental death. Leave your lights on for this one!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 133012 Views

Shadow Ghost Upstairs Shadow Ghost Upstairs
Date Added : Feb 22 |
kid is walking around new house filming upstairs. He captures a strange shadow ghost figure. The shadow looks like it's in the shape of a man.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 91888 Views

Evil Possessed Doll Evil Possessed Doll
Date Added : Feb 12 |
Creepy demon possessed doll hates the fact that little girl has a new "lovable" doll to play with. That doll needs to be burned. Scary stuff!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 245112 Views

Abandoned House Ghosts Abandoned House Ghosts
Date Added : Jan 18 |
Amateur paranormal investigators capture two ghost figures in one video. Amazing footage. A little long,(4 minutes) but well worth a watch.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 92134 Views

Colombian Ghost Girl Colombian Ghost Girl
Date Added : Jan 4 |
A lot of people witness a white ghost girl hovering around a park in Colombia. People are in shock. Great footage.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 90041 Views

Flying Indonesian Ghost Flying Indonesian Ghost
Date Added : Dec 14 |
A freaky white ghost is caught on tape walking around & flying in a forest. Footage was taken from a Indonesian paranormal TV program.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 70591 Views

Demon Ghost Girl Demon Ghost Girl
Date Added : Dec 2 |
This is by far the scariest demon ghost I have ever seen. Seems like this demons goal is to scare the day lights out of these girls!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 250976 Views

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