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Dorm Room Ghost Girl Dorm Room Ghost Girl
Date Added : May 21 |
Freaky ghost girl appears in a dorm room late at night! Yikes I would move out asap.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 51658 Views

Real Ghost In Vatican City Real Ghost In Vatican City
Date Added : May 17 |
Guy captures amazing footage of a ghost hovering in a church. Not the normal dark shadow looking ghost. Maybe a good spirit?
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 31298 Views

Barton Mansion Ghost? Barton Mansion Ghost?
Date Added : May 16 |
Barton Mansion has been known for years as a haunted hot spot for ghost investigators. If this is not a ghost and just a prank, it still is very creepy.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 36121 Views

Demon Ghost In Mexico? Demon Ghost In Mexico?
Date Added : May 14 |
Not 100% sure if this is a ghost or a demon. It sure is freaky & evil looking though.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 69666 Views

Ghost Swings? Ghost Swings?
Date Added : May 13 |
A swing just starts swinging. Not sure what to make of this. Could be real or could be faked!!!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 24817 Views

Gettysburg Forest Ghosts Gettysburg Forest Ghosts
Date Added : May 8 |
Ghosts flying around in the forest, on the old battlegrounds of Gettysburg.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 23428 Views

Ghosts, Demons & Apparitions Ghosts, Demons & Apparitions
Date Added : May 7 |
Pictures and videos slideshow of all kinds of spooky things.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 26040 Views

Poltergeist Shakes Door Knob Poltergeist Shakes Door Knob
Date Added : May 7 |
Evil poltergeist scares this guy so much he can barely breathe! Great video.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 23687 Views

Poltergeist Goes Nuts! Poltergeist Goes Nuts!
Date Added : Apr 25 |
Evil poltergeist wants this kid out of his house now. I hope they move out from that house. Shocking footage!!!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 35182 Views

Scary Ghost Girl Crying Scary Ghost Girl Crying
Date Added : Apr 24 |
Scary video of a ghost girl crying in a bath room. If this video is real thats super creepy!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 45464 Views

Ghost Appears? Ghost Appears?
Date Added : Apr 21 |
Could this be a ghost appearing early in the morning? Or is it just fog?
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 17564 Views

Spooky Ghost In The Woods? Spooky Ghost In The Woods?
Date Added : Apr 19 |
Guy walks through woods because he hears something. He captures on tape either a strange person or a ghost?
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 22139 Views

Shadow Man Ghost Shadow Man Ghost
Date Added : Apr 19 |
Shadow man ghost shows up in kids closet. Don't play with the Ouija!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 35025 Views

Ghost Girl Peeks!!! Ghost Girl Peeks!!!
Date Added : Apr 17 |
Guy sees a strange girl peeking from behind a wall. Creepy video!!!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 42703 Views

Poltergeist Bookshelf Cam Poltergeist Bookshelf Cam
Date Added : Apr 16 |
Night vision cam catches poltergeist knocking folders off bookshelf. I would move out if I was the owner of that house!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 19663 Views

Poltergeist In House Poltergeist In House
Date Added : Apr 15 |
A guy hears weird sounds in his storage room at night. So he decides to put a cam up. What he gets on tape is shocking!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 28298 Views

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