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Angry Store Poltergeist Angry Store Poltergeist
Date Added : Aug 12 |
Late night store security cam catches angry poltergeist showing off his bad temper.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 56885 Views

Scary Airport Ghost Girl? Scary Airport Ghost Girl?
Date Added : Aug 4 |
Scary footage of a ghost girl flying around in a Japanese airport caught by security cam!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 70940 Views

Kids Spot A Real Ghost Kids Spot A Real Ghost
Date Added : Jul 28 |
While making an air soft gun video kids spot a spooky looking ghost peeking out from a tree. Looks real to me.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 89905 Views

Ghost Haunts Woods Ghost Haunts Woods
Date Added : Jul 25 |
A creepy grim reaper looking ghost haunts the woods of Riverside, CA. You never know whats lurking in the dark!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 51786 Views

Demon Peeks From Bathroom Demon Peeks From Bathroom
Date Added : Jul 21 |
Spooky demon ghost lady peeks from bathroom door. Scary stuff!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 106498 Views

Ghost Baby Ghost Baby
Date Added : Jul 13 |
Freaky video of what looks like a ghost baby walking across a living room floor!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 72634 Views

Scary Basement Poltergeist Scary Basement Poltergeist
Date Added : Jul 7 |
Scary poltergeist in kids basement. Poltergeist has fun moving chairs and knocking on ping pong table.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 44430 Views

Ghost Woman Looking Down Ghost Woman Looking Down
Date Added : Jul 1 |
Really scary video of a ghost woman looking down from stairs top. Look closely at 00:14. Be sure to turn your lights on.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 76834 Views

Haunted Room Poltergeist Haunted Room Poltergeist
Date Added : Jun 23 |
Classic ghost video from the 1970's. Known for the bleeding Jesus picture. Some people say it's real, some people say it's fake. You decide!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 42550 Views

Real Ghost Pictures! Real Ghost Pictures!
Date Added : Jun 18 |
Spooky ghost picture video compilation. Very well done!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 33833 Views

Ghost Walks Through Wall Ghost Walks Through Wall
Date Added : Jun 16 |
Ghost lady walks through wall. Scary security cam footage!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 47419 Views

Building Rubble Ghost Building Rubble Ghost
Date Added : Jun 9 |
Amazing footage of a dark shadow like ghost figure emerging & running from rubble. Look closely at the top of the rubble at 00:40 seconds in.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 37754 Views

Ghost Plays Piano Ghost Plays Piano
Date Added : Jun 6 |
Kid gets so freaked out by a ghost playing his piano. Scary footage!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 48484 Views

Creepy Basement Ghost Creepy Basement Ghost
Date Added : Jun 1 |
Guy turns his cameras night vision on. He captures something very creepy flying around in a abandoned house basement.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 52006 Views

Insane Poltergeist Insane Poltergeist
Date Added : May 28 |
Just watch this video! Turn the lights on, this video is spooky. Amazing home footage!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 66502 Views

Texas Store Ghost Texas Store Ghost
Date Added : May 24 |
Neat footage of a ghost like energy flying around in a Texas wine store. Store owner believes it's a good spirit and could be her mother!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 27302 Views

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