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Colombian Ghost Girl Colombian Ghost Girl
Date Added : Jan 4 |
A lot of people witness a white ghost girl hovering around a park in Colombia. People are in shock. Great footage.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 90112 Views

Flying Indonesian Ghost Flying Indonesian Ghost
Date Added : Dec 14 |
A freaky white ghost is caught on tape walking around & flying in a forest. Footage was taken from a Indonesian paranormal TV program.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 70684 Views

Demon Ghost Girl Demon Ghost Girl
Date Added : Dec 2 |
This is by far the scariest demon ghost I have ever seen. Seems like this demons goal is to scare the day lights out of these girls!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 251071 Views

Ghost & Horse Riders Ghost & Horse Riders
Date Added : Nov 17 |
While a husband video tapes his wife's horse riding lessons he captures something very strange that his wife later notices after reviewing the video.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 75812 Views

Prison Window Ghost Prison Window Ghost
Date Added : Nov 6 |
While kids are making a ghost hunters spoof video, they accidentally capture a real ghost peeking out from a prison cell window. Creepy!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 100803 Views

Evil Halloween Ghost Evil Halloween Ghost
Date Added : Oct 31 |
Girls hear something in the basement. They stumble upon something very scary. Don't turn on the lights!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 103336 Views

Transparent Street Ghost Transparent Street Ghost
Date Added : Oct 21 |
She did not even see him!!! Traffic cam captures a woman walking right through a ghost.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 79865 Views

Beach Ghost? Beach Ghost?
Date Added : Oct 13 |
While a kid is playing in the waves at the beach a strange reflection moves by him. Could this be a ghost of another kid that wants to play?
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 70058 Views

Poltergeist Plays With Poker Set Poltergeist Plays With Poker Set
Date Added : Oct 7 |
Poltergeist goes crazy!!! Violently shakes kitchen table and slams poker set. If this was my house, I would put it up for sale as soon as possible.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 73330 Views

Real Ghost In Gym? Real Ghost In Gym?
Date Added : Sep 29 |
Gym security cam captures an alleged orb flying around at night. Investigators to this day still can't explain what the white shadow could be.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 50706 Views

Ghosts, Spirits & Demons Ghosts, Spirits & Demons
Date Added : Sep 23 |
Scary pictures compilation video. Lots of paranormal pictures that can't be explained.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 61717 Views

Argentina Factory Ghost Argentina Factory Ghost
Date Added : Sep 15 |
While a security guard is testing his new camera phone out, he captures a strange shadow ghost figure walking across his camera view. Scary stuff!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 77494 Views

The 1932 Garden Ghost The 1932 Garden Ghost
Date Added : Sep 9 |
A early experiment video of stencil coloring captures a ghost woman in a garden. Very creepy!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 52895 Views

House Poltergeist Mischief House Poltergeist Mischief
Date Added : Sep 2 |
Cam captures poltergeist trying to pull down framed family pictures. Poltergeist must hate the people living in this house. Scary!
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 54478 Views

High School Ghost High School Ghost
Date Added : Aug 25 |
High school surveillance video captures a ghost like figure walking around. Looks like a ghost child to me.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 63923 Views

The Pink Lady Ghost The Pink Lady Ghost
Date Added : Aug 18 |
Ghost hunters investigate an old haunted mansion. They capture really amazing pictures of ghosts. The most amazing is the pink lady.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 49774 Views

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